EasyStream - HTTP or HLS streams as an input
Nov 11

EasyStream IP TV Gateway The EasyStream IP TV gateway is a simple and cost effective way of receiving television signals and streaming them over a network. But what if you want to receive live streams over the internet as an input? EasyStream adds HTTP Import functionality Easily ingest live HTTP (TS or HLS) streams and multicast them over your local network for delivery to multiple clients with just one incoming connection. The incoming stream can be from any website, media server or encoder. Point to Point and Point to Multi Point delivery. Using an HD encoder, either SD or HDMI,...

TBS8030 - Multi Input HDMI H.265 Encoder
Jan 14

PCI Express are delighted to announce the release of our new H.264 range of HDMI encoders. The new TBS 8030 encoders utilise the FUJITSU Chipset for greater performance and resilience compared with other HD Encoders currently on the market. Available in 4, 8, 12 or 16 channel inputs and starting at just £650 + VAT, the TBS 8030 is sure to become one of our best selling products in 2019. The TBS8030 can be easily expanded up to 16 channel with the addition of a 4 port expansion card. We are now excepting orders for the TBS8030 range. Please contact us directly...

PCI Express will be at TV Connect - Come and see us!
Feb 07

TV Connect 2018 will bring you face to face with the answers to your burning questions and business-critical challenges. Through our partnership with the IET, our CPD accredited conferences, workshops, live theatres, demos and roundtables will present you with every opportunity to better equip yourself with the information you need to take your business into the future of video.

Channel 5 snubs Freeview HD again
Feb 07

Channel 5 snubs Freeview HD again,Home of the Eddie Stobart docu sticks to SD. Channel 5 is giving up on filling a Freeview HD channel, so fans of Celebrity Wedding Planner will just have to live with standard definition. Or go to Virgin or Sky for its Channel 5 HD offering.The intention had been for an HD version of Channel 5 to fit into Freeview from April 2012, but the broadcaster has now notified Ofcom that it won’t be proceeding with the application, potentially leaving the BBC with another channel to fill. Back in 2010, Channel 5 dropped out of...

WinLIRC adds supports for all TBS tuner devices
Feb 07

WinLIRC allows you to transmit and receive standard infrared remote control signals. This allows you to control your computer using almost any standard infrared remote control. It also allows your computer to control other equipment which uses these signals (stereo equipment). WinLIRC is the Windows equivalent of LIRC, the Linux Infrared Remote Control program. WinLIRC (through version 0.6) was originally written by Jim Paris. Later releases are written and maintained on sourceforge, by Ian Curtis.