EasyStream Moi Pro AMD

Our entry level TV Gateway with support for up to 32 DVB Tuners or 16 HDMI / ASI Inputs. Capable of streaming over 200 DVB channels

EasyStream Mini Server

A fanless TV Gateway with support for up to 16 DVB tuners or 8 HDMI / ASI inputs. Perfect for installations in public places

EasyStream Moi V

With support for up to 48 DVB tuners or 24 HDMI / ASI inputs. The EasyStream Moi V can comfortably stream over 600 DVB channels


Build your own TV gateway

EasyStream can custom build your TV gateway with a range of DVBT / DVBS / DVBC / HDMI and ASI inputs.

Add your corporate branding

The EasyStream TV gateway can be configured with your own logo and company name.

Custom development

Using our team of in house developers, we can custom develop the EasyStream TV gateway to your requirements.

EasyStream Custom TV Gateway Builder

A simple to use step by step app to create your own custom TV gateway

Simple Web Interface

Step 1

Select the tuner from the main navigation

Step 2

Enter the tuning parameters such as frequency and symbol rate

Step 3

Select output method, unicast, multicast or both

Step 4

Save the settings and scan for channels

Select required channels

Step 5

A channel list for all channels found will be displayed

Step 6

Select the channels you want to stream from the channels found

Step 7

Edit channel information if required

Step 8

Click stream to start streaming channels

Create m3u playlists

Step 9

Select whether the playlist is for unicast or multicast channels

Step 10

Move channels from channels available to the playlist

Step 11

Sort the playlist in to the order you want and save

Step 12

The playlist url can then be loaded directly to a set top box or media player


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