EasyStream integrates directly in to Signagelive. Simply connect EasyStream to your Signagelive network, you will then be able to select Live TV channels directly from the Signagelive layout editor.

EasyStream provides you with a simple and cost effective way to add live IPTV streams directly to your Signagelive network.

Simply install an onsite server to receive DVBT (Terrestrial) or DVBS (Satellite) Live TV channels. The TV channels will then be available across the local IP network.

The EasyStream server then connects directly to Signagelive and creates an asset and playlist for each individual Live TV channel.

Now you can simply add the playlist to your Signagelive layout.

Main Features

  • DVB-T and DVB-S IP TV Gateway
  • Easy to use web based user interface
  • Custom built with 2 to 32 tuners
  • Cost effective - From just £1,495 with 8 tuners
  • Integrates directly in to Signagelive
  • Pull HTTP streams from internet and distribute over local network
  • Custom channels - change the channel displayed on the Signagelive layout without changing the layout


We understand that nobody can no everything about everything, that's why we offer full support on all of our IP TV products.

We are more than happy to offer advice from consultation stage right through to installation.

If you have any project that involves adding IP TV to any network, please contact us we will be happy to help.

All of our EasyStream servers come with 1 year remote support as standard.

We also offer on site installation if required.

Technical Requirements

EasyStream can broadcast IPTV channels in two different ways – either unicast or multicast. Which you use will depend on the number of channels you’re streaming and players on your network.
Unicast​ creates a ‘1 to 1’ connection. Which is ideally suited to networks with 1 or 2 players.
Multicast​ creates a ‘1 to many’ connection. If there are more than 2 players on the network then multicast is required. You will also need:

● A multicast router (an IGMP querier)

● An IGMP snooper (These are not normally available on a standard router or switch.)

PCI Express’s preferred option for multicast deliver is a Cisco switch, and they will be able to offer support for network planning and installation of the necessary hardware.

Another consideration is the need for your hardware to support HTTP streams with Signagelive. This is possible with:

● Samsung Tizen

● Philips SoC

● LG webOS (1.0+)

● BrightSign

● PC Appliances

About EasyStream

PCI Express have been involved in supplying IPTV hardware to system integrators for over 4 years. Realising there was a need for an easy to use, cost effective IPTV gateway we created the EasyStream platform. The EasyStream platform was built from the ground up to be an efficient and stable platform for delivering TV channels over an IP network